Solar water heater

Bruno from France, calls himself a plumber with pride. He was at campus to make solar water heater. few kids joined him and it was done in a day, including work in the moon light. What appeared to be done in  day, took a month’s ground work. Bruno contacted Aarohi when I read that we want to make solar water heater. When he heard the constraints like no electricity and involve kids, he felt he needed to do ground work before coming here. He made sketches, did researched, searched DIY projects, made a model in France and finally arrived at Aarohi.

He mesmerized us with his precision and ability to use tools and implement ideas into working models. He explored himself when he saw kids freely using drill machines, hex saw and blades. He has never seen kids using it and working with so ease with these tools. Comfort of kids with the tools, gave him confidence to work with them freely and we all together did it!!!

Not only it was made, it was tested, used different tools to check efficiency and continue to work. When it came to measuring area of the solar heater, some found that they need to learn the skill of area (mathematically), next day in basic skills, we explored measurements, area and conversion of units.

We did not teach Bruno anything but he expressed “I learnt about ecology and not to waste food”.