Small hurts, scratches, throat pains, cough, cold, light fever and light headaches are part of our living at campus.  We all get sick or get hurt, and that becomes a learning opportunity to connect with our body.

Whenever someone is feeling sick, he/she (child or adult) first collects the data - when it is happening more, what is triggering, what is body feeling, what does body needs, what will help, what food is required, what care is needed and so on….this exercise brings awareness of self. 

Then starts the medical care...what medicine, why and what will this do? Which one to take...Homeopathy or Allopathy or Ayurveda or Naturopathy or wait and watch is based on what does the child/adult requires. Hot water and herbal water is a big hit when one has sore throat and cold water pack is popular for all kinds of twists and turns causing pain. 

Small cuts are handled by he first-aid team, who is ever ready with their first aid tray with antiseptic and bandage. Now we also made homemade (natural) antiseptic, so we give choices there too. Band aids are available all the time  - one can put it when hurts or put just like that (feel like having one on the body).

 And then began the observation of effects of food/medicine/ rest. What helped, what did nor, what more, what next, what else and the journey began again. Earlier any sickness would bring extra sense of responsibility, Now this also brings a learning we welcome illness that too in our environment.

Its simple:

When I think of I - i get Illness

When I think of WE - i get WEllness