Scaling Up

We all dream of becoming something, we all connect with something or other but when it comes to doing often we are disappointed with our own lack of skills and our own capabilities. Each dream needs necessary skills to be developed - some skills we have , while some skills we develop. Isn’t education is all about that! Developing skills and growing with our passion.

Kids at the campus often talk about their dreams and developing skills has became a necessary curriculum to connect with those dreams. While each dream is important, the duration is not so much important. Some of us live our dream for a week, while some for a week or some for few months. Whatever is the duration of the dream, process of working on each dreams adds value in our growing journey. We grow with each dream.

We see our dreams in different ways - sometimes we just dream, sometimes work on skills, sometimes meet people, sometimes trace our own journey, sometimes meet people, sometime visit places and sometimes simply chit chat about it.

Working on passions and developing skills is one part of our growth, while talking about it is another part of the growth. Each one of us prepared a talk about our passion. We used books, videos and our own experiences. The talks added value to the audience as well as the presenters.


One child whose passion is football presented about about the origin of football, it's rule and his own journey of playing football.

Another child shared about his profession of 'making'. He shared about how one can design better. He talked about innovation and adding value. He shared some tricks to keep our interest alive in passion of making. He suggested to use different tools for upgrading any product. He shared his story of innovations. He talked about sketching, designing and modelling.

One child shared about his passion of baking. He started with a question " who started baking"? He also shared his own journey of baking. Initially he thought that he cannot do it. But with practice, commitment and doing he has gained the confidence.

Another child shared about his passion of sketching - shared about the beginning of sketching, benefits of sketching, tools used and role of sketching. He shared his own process and techniques of shading he has recently learnt using series of videos.

One child who is getting Interested in carpentry talked about his visit to a saw mill and wood carving in Kelmangalam. He shared about story of origin of carpentry. He talked about carpentry machines. Reading Harry potter led to making models in clay, breaking clay model problem led to exploring carpentry tools.

 One of the guests at the campus shared about skills, passions, profession and dreams. She shared about role of  skills in profession.

At the end some of them felt to know more about their own profession (passion) as well other's profession (passion). Some wanted to explore other profession and develop more skills other than their own passion.