Rubrics to Assess

Self-assessment is an essential ingredient of learning journey at Aarohi.  We not only assess self, we also use various tools to assess.

Self-assessment begins with Preparation (in planning) - what to reflect about, what I assess on? And then  Awareness (while working) - what, how I am doing, my feelings, thoughts, group dynamics etc. and then  Reflection (at the end of work or day or week) - qualitative and quantitative mulling over of what, how, why etc. and Inputs from Others - seeking feedback, criticism and suggestions from any or all around.

Co-creation of assessment tools brings understanding. Rubrics was one of the tools to assess. It needed understanding about multiple intelligence and making Rubrics for each intelligence. Each one created their own understanding using different words. Each one understood in their own way. *

Pictures tell all the stories.