Rivers and Pond

Three years back we just started planting trees.  We planted 100 trees in first batch, only 10 survived - we did not know how to care for the trees or simply we did not know anything about growing. We learnt as we grew with our kids at the campus. We experimented, we read, met people, we visited places. People who visited added value in our learning journey.

Second, we dug trenches to collect rain water to go back to the ground.  

This season, few places at the campus we had oozing out ground water. Kids in their excitement names it ‘river’. They could see origin of water coming out of the ground! This led to some of us tracing more water flows (rivers) around the campus. We saw many small streams joining ponds. The excitement to trace more rivers and ponds and streams were named “river walk” by the enthusiastic discoverers. We traced many places around to see how water was getting collected and where it was going. The entire experience added a bit to our connection with nature and its processes, forming rivers/ponds are one of them.