Reflection Fun

Each day we reflect and assesses ourselves and we do it in many different ways. Each week Thursday night  we compile our reflections of the week and document it. It takes few hours for us to compile each week.

Since this is a different way of assessing ourselves, each child takes own time, own pace to complete.  It brings all kinds of reactions  - Photographs will tell you the expressions.

Self assessment is not easy. We see kids struggling to connect with themselves, know their own potentials and skills. Sometimes they wish “ you do it for me, its easier”. So true, it’s easier for others to assess me, but its so tough to assess myself.

It's fun to watch them struggling  and coming out if it in their own way. We sing, we dance, we cry, we laugh, we try, we help each other and we DO IT!!! Each week we progress in our own assessment, each week we know a bit more about ourselves.