Often when one is showing interest in any skill, we rush for coaching, Coaching is great way to learn but only when one is ready for it. Kids at campus are showing lot of interest in football, they have made teams, they play, they practice, they play matches….we started pondering “what next?” DO we need coaching?

So we began our thinking (rather re-thinking) process using : REplace, REuse, REmember, REduce, REward and REquest

REplace coaching with - tutorials from tube videos, practice, peers, self coaching, books, research, self designed, patents, people whom we know, observe and absorb, inspiration, live with people, doing.

REuse something else ...input, ideas, how tribal learnt from scratch, movie scenes,  brain, strategy,

REmember what we used somewhere else, see, stories, legends, childhood strategies, life of players, history, your own journey, what worked for you, what you did before and do it again....

REduce need for coaching by ...... talking. waste of time, other things, dreaming,  distraction, comparison, arguments, showoff, attitude to win, competition, revenge, bossing, begging, enemy ship, wish for appreciation.

REward our efforts to learn by ......satisfaction, joy, hardworking, becoming a coach, experiencing own discovery by your own mistakes and learning.

REquest for our needs .....Make request for coaching in any area - we came up with few areas where one is feeling the need of coaching. like football, dance, boxing.

We closed the churning of thoughts with starting a new chapter to understand individual need to look for coaching, duration, commitment and so on. The whole idea was to think and stimulate thinking. Often we follow what is most happening around...rarely we stop for thinking, At Aarohi we start with thinking and keep taking pause to think more :)

Request for Football, Dance and Boxing was made

Manju came for a demo session on football coaching - kids have been playing for last one year on their own - practicing, learning from different people, watching videos, watching matches, bringing own techniques, practicing and making strategies in smaller teams.

For Boxing and Dance the request is pending, as those needs some more ground work before we look for inputs from others :)

Imagine Aarohi which does not make the learning easy.

Imagine Aarohi that is not a restaurant, rather a kitchen.