Process or Learning

Since we have no curriculum at Aarohi, the need of learning arises from living, interests and exposures - Painting, Baking, Fractions, Film making, Football, Craft, Crochet, Stone Collection, Stitching, Market visit, Cooking, Film making, Carpentry, repairs, playing drums, singing, dancing, Mud work … The list is simple from simple needs of life.

The process is not so simple - Three simple steps - “Design - Discuss and Do”. Designing brings a lot more clarity  - why I want to, what I want to do, how I want to do, what all resources do I want to use, where do I get resources from? How much do I know about these resources? Where do I need help? What all skills do I have and what all do I need to develop or need help?

Baking is just not mixing and baking in oven - but first finding recipes, look for alternate ingredients of (maida, vanilla essence, soda, eggs etc) and if this is not enough use rocket oven to bake and even if this is not enough then even look for alternate ways to bake (sand baking etc).

Painting - It's just not a painting, but to start with what in painting? What tools? What surface? Why kinds of paint (oil based, water based  or ), what design, what style … nothing is served on platter, all comes from the child (my needs, my exploration, my efforts).

Making a Mud Fridge - Understand how mudworks? And understand why mud? Make a model, Collect data, thing of various material, work on dimensions, search for various possible material to make walls, understand the kitchen needs and and

Maths Club - Why do I want to do? - to prepare for an exam or to develop maths expertise or to lean basic maths? What all resources and mediums do I want to use - book or video or people or all or none?

Next comes what in Maths I want to do - which topic which level. I only check my level, decide the books I want to use. Some like doing in group, some like to do it alone, some like to do and want someone to check for them, some like to discuss with others, some ask for coaching, some wants to do by self.

Outdoor trips are just not visiting a place - it starts with finding information, planning travel, budgeting, scheduling, planning meals, pick up and drop plans, bus/train routes, distances, maps and communication. Each child goes through the various aspects of travelling - some needs to know the train number, while some work on detailed route maps...and all this to be comfortable with travel and understand travel rather just depending on adults.

Salad making: handling of knife safely, use of different tools like cutter,scraper,knife, cutting to required size, sometimes cutting,sometimes crating, understanding masalas how i make it different everyday and every time i do, sometimes blunt view, sometimes appealing, sometimes with herbs and somt

imes without herbs, sometimes with mixed  color , with one or multicolors, sometimes with weighing ,estimating and sometimes without .....

Imagine a learning community, where learning to count is fine but learning what counts is far more important.