Play Conference

Aarohi kids were invited to facilitate an experiential session on using playful environments for learning at Christ college.

As part of the preparations for the conference, the work of individuals and organizations from across the world on the play, with a special focus on India, was compiled. This will be showcased at the conference.

Play, Learn, Change: International Conference on Perspectives & Practices in from April 7-8, 2017 at Christ University, Bengaluru, India. The objective of the conference organized by International Play Association-India, Headstreams and Christ University was to bring together people, perspectives, and practices to the play, to celebrate them, to learn from them and to begin the path towards assimilating them. 

The opportunity for Aarohi kids to take part in play conference brought gaming during the week at Aarohi. We explored 
History playing games..take historical keywords and find those words in history books.
Balance coins to explore fulcrum.
Play board games to explore and understand emotions.
Race the cars to explore fractions using dice.
The experience brought preparation, commitment and delivering.