Planning is important element in our learning process as self directed learners. We meet as community, we plan our day, we share our planning, we coordinate with others, we also know what all is happening and we bring clarity in our purpose and planning.

Its not only planning and writing what will I do, getting deeper into planning using various planning tools helps us to get clarity. And also allows us to look into planning from different perspectives.

The learning environment at Aarohi is structured around three areas Self, Community, and the Campus. Campus is further divided into campus development and maintenance. The depth of involvement, time spent on each area (we call them buckets), varies for both the campus and depends on the amount of time one spend at the campus.

  1. Self Development - A focused space for the child to work on areas like logic, language, nature, the body and/or enhancing skills or doing a 'deeper dive' into a specific learning area through actual hands-on work or application.

  2. Campus development (or Projects or land work) - We contribute to the development of campus - kitchen gardening, solar cooker, tree house, play area are some of the current project various people are working on. One can also choose any project which is a need of the campus (eg: new recipe, plantation, engineering something, construction related etc).

  3. Campus Care – Since the campus, the building, the vehicles etc serve us, we spend some time as community taking care of the campus. We care of resources and other needs to run campus by taking various responsibility like resources, stationery, library, maintenance, kitchen etc.

  4. Community Development – We live together, we contribute to develop the community. We meet in the morning to sing and dance, plan our day, share our reflection in thought club and play sports together. Social timings like sunshine, thought club, sports, open house etc where all members come together and spend time together.