Peer Feedback

This blog is wriiten by Asawari,  she was part of Aarohi for few years and then joined Swaraj University at Udaipur and here are thoughts as guide, as learner and as a facilitator. Her blog also at
My thoughts of Peer feedback as a process in self –directed learning, this is from my experience at Aarohi and Swaraj. 
# As a self-directed learner – what measurable or credit do I have when I say that I am skilled in a specific area or I am capable to do anything. One very important credibility and assessment comes from the peers, comes from the feedback I receive from my mentors, peers, parents and facilitators.They are able to show me the mirror in both my tangible and intangible skills, as they work and observe me.
# Having a feedback process in self directed learning especially in a community of learners is very important. As the openness to receive and give feedback and the honesty with which it is done creates an environment of continuous evolving and shows that no one is perfect – even the facilitators. It most importantly creates healthy, transparent and honest relationships.
# When doing self or peer assessment – there is equal importance to the external/tangible and to the internal/self skills.  You academic performance is not what defines you as a person or defines your success. The peers are able to notice your strengths and weakness, your growth as a person.
# When observing others or self it is easy to find negative traits, places to improve or faults but is difficult to appreciate and acknowledge the positive sides, the capabilities, the growth.  During feedback, the process pushes us to look at both the sides of the person, look at where we have improved and where work needs to be done, this makes one feel acknowledged and noticed.


# Finally Self-directed learning is about following my heart and I know myself better than anybody else. At the end of the day whatever feedback I get, I have the choice to discard feedback, to integrate what I feel is right. Since there is no external assessment in open learning, I find peer feedback a very healthy and enriching process. It as if people are mirrors showing you your reflection, Showing you who you are . Peer feedback is something that I really benefited from in my journey at Swaraj.