Paolo from Peru

The thought of OPEN TO ALL, brings people from all walks of life to Aarohi - Each space is different yet so same. Each person is same, yet so different.  Paolo, 43yrs, a graphic designer, from Peru, worked in advertising agencies as an art director and creativity, a teacher of advertising and graphic design, an actor, acted in TV series, theatre play, and movies in Perú. Also worked as a hotel manager in Cusco... and finally reached Aarohi to explore self, and India.

Kids embraced him with joy  - they saw him working on wall painting for three days continuous day. - bring an environment of DOING. We interacted with him, learnt with him as and when we wanted to know about Peru, to know about Japanese language, to know about Soccer, to know about designing and to know about his life.

A session to know about Peru with Paolo brought Peru alive for us in campus - It sounded same - Coast, dessert, Beaches,  Lakes, Mountains, Snow, Jungle, Water falls, animals, Multiethnic, food

But it was so different - Titicaca Lake , Caral Civilization, Rainbow mountain, Stepped farming (Crop Circle)  - Moray, Nazca Lines, Macchu Picchu civilization, Amazon river, Pirana Fish, Surfers paradise, Lamas, Vicuna, Condor vulture, Cuy, Toucan, Pink Dolphins, Ceviche, Chaufa Rice,

We feel blessed to be able to reach out to people form different culture and enriching our life learning experience. Not only culture, place, also Learning from people, their experience and life journey is also interesting in our learning journey.


He shared...i’m very grateful to has sharing in Aarohi’s campus, a big family with almost 20 children’s (like a sons and daughters)... in the beginning i though that i just came here to teach but i was an another student (a new son more), so i learned very much and i enjoyed it... the kids can choose whatever they want to learn, but here is seriously, you have to do your plan and follow it... few facilitators and another nice people (some of them are also parents) help them and they guide them in a better way, and always they are finding a different ways to share good thoughts, good messages for living or fun games to learn something new... this is not a place to waste time or to laziness, in the beginning i was a little confused about the rules and the schedule but then i understood, and i think that this program it works very well because the children’s needs some discipline occasionally... i’m very grateful to call me and give me this great opportunity, i hope that this community keep growing and improving because the world needs more of this type of education, we urgently need to change and renew the old education... aarohi is a good way to do it ... thank you very much for everything, i'm going to miss these children a lot... namaste...PAOLO from Peru