Panels in Helpmates

Complains for few of hitting, interfering, hurting, screaming, not listening, not following safety codes, touching personal body parts.

All complaisn are GOOD NEWS

As they allow us to TRY

Solution of ‘children panels’ for children

Each one got a charged sheet with details

Each one had a panel to guide and suggest

Each one got the opportunity to select or reject what others raised as concerns

Each one set with panel to THINK and SOLVE problems

Each one spoke, Each one was heard

Problem is not solved

As it never get solved the way one wants

The ways are different

We only create ‘AWARNESS’ and value Reflection (or thought) - When I think through a situation, when I reflect back on what I did and when I introspect as to what happened I learn how to learn. I learn to make better decisions, I learn to progress and grow, I develop WISDOM.