Outdoor Visit to PFA

Our Purpose: We Love animals and we wanted to know more  about them and we decided to visit People for Animals.
 We started our day at PFA with an introduction about their work.  They  rescue, treat, care for and rehabilitate urban wild animals with the aim of ultimately releasing them back into their natural habitats.
Awareness on human-animal conflict
 Some animals like monkeys are adopted as pets and the animals have started to drink,smoke,play cards,and exactly immitate as human, and used for selfies,circus, business
Few parrots used as pets, have their feathers trimmed and so does not know to fly and they are used for telling astrology trained to take food kept behind card.
Colored parrots which are genetically modified, are into great dangers in saving their life which are not accepted in their own breeds or get killed in nature as they cannot save themselves with their color variations
Crows and monkeys get eleftrified and  become permanently disabled , Joy of  Kite flying turns danger to birds because “maanja thread” cuts bones of birds.
Squirrels, snakes, birds  all being in danger in urban life.
Process includes: They rescue animals in danger, they  train to live their natural habitat,  allow them to be trained by fostermothers to save themselves,  keeping human intervention minimum, forming their own troops  and then finally leave back into nature.
Also they shared different  Acts in Goverenment that is enforced  for safety of animals and we took an oath to take it as responsibility to save animals in danger.
We also took oath on being part of saving,rescuing animals and demand to follow safety rules.
Our Views after  Escorted walk around the shelter
Thoughts on rescuing:
want to rescue, like to help and also the way they rescue,
want to get away from my fear of animals and this is  wonderful thing, few people understand importance, few are cruel to animals , we should have more publicity, make posters put in newspapers, wonderful, fascinating and feel happy to rescue, i like the place, i wonder how they catch, I appreciate efforts of people. to do this, animals are respected and not do the same mistake, we need more placesin our country, we should be able to take care of all wild animals, i like the practice, including crows, , monkeys, its interesting and i really loved the facts  and i knew more about snakes. i wish govt to support such endeavours, make a zoo and make more publicity
Our feelings and thoughts on electrocution
sad for animls that get electric shock, pets that are away from their natural habits, fear of  mild shock  without affecting animals, train animals about shock , insulate wires or use underground wires, sad for blind animals, i am happy that they are trained back to live as normal, tragedies of animals are sad, why they put acid,  humans have not left the animals to live their way due to new age civilization, sad and happy for getting one more chance to live, sad for  blind monkey and still able to  live by self, awareness to human how it affects  the animal life.Our Inspirations taking back to from PFA
open a rescue centre, join as volunteer,  rescue injured animals , tiny birds fallen i’ll  keep back in nest, start caring for  animals and understand importance,  to save  injured animals will call rescue centres, hard work that they do for saving animals is inspiring, monkey swinging, responsibity to take care, donate or adopt, lets connect with our natural instinct, human also have natural instinct, random act of kindness.