Outdoor Visit to explore our passion towards Bikes

Outdoor visit  on Friday, 29th June.

Purpose: The visit was to meet Sunil Uncle at his residence, who is an inventor and bike enthusiastic. He owns four bikes (including Ducati :), had designed a remote control jeep, and a bike ambulance. We wanted to explore a tour on bikes and his inventions.


Story of our Visit:

Sunil  introduced himself to children sharing about his life journey :
Started his career as an Electronics engineer. He worked in different electronics firms, which gave him wide exposure and experience and achieving building teams in startup companies.   He also loves wild life,  bird watching and  helps people in rescuing snakes in his apartment. He also shared that in all his videos he was driving, his wife was photographer and his mom and child also accompanied him. I felt amazed to see the support from the family on all his explorations.

His love and passion towards automobiles, pulled him to drive into many innovative and interesting works in the automobile  field. He started with statement “converting an Hobby to main stream is easy but difficult  to earn from the same  and is very challenging.”

He shared his pitfalls, Inventions and struggles to get support from government to launch his projects, and spent all his saving into his passions.

Every challenge  he faced in life   gave birth  to an Invention – like army working in danger zones, triggered him to work on remote operating jeep, one accident on road triggered him to work on 2 wheeller ambulance, One Himalyan visit, facing no doctors in that area gave rise to an paramedical app, where we can consult doctors online thru an video call- which helps patient  and doctors to reduce their travel time and long queues in hospitals

Watching Videos together : His passion in bike and jeep drive videos gave a different perspective on driving.  We all were amazed to see his videos driving in different terrain, different slopes. His understanding of working of an vehicle was quite in depth which gave him such huge confidence to drive in all possible terrains.  We all were watching with ” WOW and WOW” for every video which showed us different challenges in which Sunil uncle welcomes himself to face  and then how he overcomes the same.

Our love to Dugati’s speed, was different from his perspective. His adventurous bike drive and passionate towards challenging his own limits of driving across various terrain gave him sense of achievement or joy. We left with an expression “Oh NO” when we saw a video when Dugati was stuck in Water almost .
He showed his bike, drives a short distance, and explained how different parts supports his drive to be safe for vehicle as well as for self.

We all had a lovely jeep drive for a small distance and enjoyed the ride. He also shared  how every extra fitting in jeep supports his drive. We also saw snakes that were rescued in his apartment.

We all left with  “Wow, Cool, amazing ” for bike and jeep  and inspired by his passion of driving and love towards automobiles.  Children exclaimed with a  thought ” why don’t you partcipate in racing ?”

Thank you Sunil Uncle and aunty  for sharing your deep love and passionate  journey of your life. Thanks for allowing us to touch , feel , embrace our favourite Dugati bike and  thrilled us with your Gurkha Drive and also for treating us with snacks .

 Some of his videos –

http://m2mapplications.in/TWA/ is the two wheeler ambulance page