Organic learning

After a break of five weeks holidays, we began the session - few new kids joined, few old continued. The energy was unimaginable. Children from different cultural and economic background coming together to enrich our learning environment. The speed of sessions has slowed down for translation in multiple languages (Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi). This slow speed is worth for the rich exposure we get.

We did not teach we did not specify any curriculum but they all began their journey with a thought “What I want to do?”.

Some were busy experimenting, while some worked in their skills of cricket and football, some spend hours in making and creating, while some relaxed in newly arranged library, some took part in baking, some organized their spaces, some worked on science reading science chapters, some read together book in different languages, some were lost, some followed others, some worked independently, some explored electronics, some played together….we all came together for planning, fitness, campus care. Learning Jatre and thought club. Celebrating bday added festivity to the week. Learning Jatre of Plants, Carpentry and Zentangle exposed us to various skills and topics.

The learning had no limits. The days had no curriculum, we did not learn to be tested by others - Imagine a Learning Community where we all decide what we want to learn, how we want to learn when we want to learn and use self-assessment. We do not follow any philosophy, we follow the child.  

Each child is capable, is born an empowered being, is the best person to lead self. They learn naturally - by experiencing, exploring, experimenting and expressing. This is how the child learns at Aarohi. They learn in their own unique way, at their own pace, and most importantly for their own reasons.

 Innovation in education cannot be achieved by tinkering the current system. It can only be achieved by offering an alternate system – a system which is true to the child and to the objective of education. A system which does not target the next exam or the next college rather it empowers children into adults who can think, lead and enjoy their life to the fullest potential.