Open Session on Puberty

Few kids growing up - few watching others. Talk about sex are not very openly expressed, they get a hushed up space. Some kids at Aarohi are comfortable to talk, while some talk with hesitation about the topic. As we sensed the need, for one hour every day for one week, we read various books to understand about puberty.

Some curious about the topic of girls and boys.
Some not so curious
Some know
Some want to know
Some want to talk
Some want to listen
Various ages coming together and talking about it in an open and safe environment, created by them.

When we started children shared " We know little about our body but we are curious what changes the other gender goes through". Since we were a group of mixed gender children, we read about both the genders. It was interesting to understand the biological reasons behind Puberty. For many the understanding Hormones, the structure of the genitals was new and interesting. Understanding what is Menstruation and Why girls have

It was interesting to understand the biological reasons behind Puberty. For many understanding hormones, the structure of the genitals was new and interesting. What is menstruation and why girls have it lead us to questions like "How babies are made" and "What is Sex". 

Many boys shared "Now I understand what my mother goes through." We saw a video explaining us about why we feel attracted to the opposite gender, What are chromosomes and What is Sex? We also understood the change of emotions, peer pressure and relationship with family during Puberty. 

Overall the session helped children to feel safe to ask questions.