Non Violent Communication with Shammi

Workshop on Non Violent Communication with Shammi brought a new way of communication in our life at Aarohi O-Campus. Living together does bring conflict and opportunities  to learn from them. As Shammi said “celebrate conflicts”. We celebrated conflict and went deeper into the human needs.

It began with solving conflicts of what schedule to follow? Shammi demonstrated beautifully how to listen to needs and concerns and come to a conclusion which foster ‘care’. In Aarohi we had moved away from ‘voting; long back. This process gave us deep insight into ‘consent’ and understanding needs.

The workshop continued with different experiences - the beauty was that the space was created for all - all kinds of age, temperament and needs. When two kids were fighting on top of their voice, the whole group was with the mother to support and accept the diversity,

Well, every experience gave us insight into ‘how to identify needs of self, others and how else to express”.

Some of the responses after the workshop

  • I was feeling nice that I am learning a different way of communicating and feeling joyful. I am now prepared to face any situation so I can use NVC. I can use a different way of communication. I was feeling nice that Shammi uncle came from so far just to teach us how to communicate non- violently. I was kind after the workshop
  • i was feeling very excited about NVC workshop and all the things i would learn.
  • I felt satisfied because I got to know how to get what I want.
  • I was happy for learning NVC to know how to talk to parents and convince them for what i want to get.
  • I felt friendly in NVC workshop time and i felt that i not fighting. I felt excited when we started our second day of NVC workshop we will learn how to talk softly .

It made a lot of difference for all of us  to see the other side. The language “your need is…..I am sensing that you are disappointed….Let me summarize what you are saying” all this has become very common and also the reception is better and understood :)

I was sharing with one child my disappointment….he did not defend self or blamed someone else, he started with “I am hearing that you are saying that when I do not respond you feel that I am not listening and also when I do not follow my commitments you feel disappointed and you do not want to follow up with me…..”. His response made huge difference in how our communication moved ahead.

Thank you Shammi for starting this new chapter in Aarohi, Kids are looking forward to MORE.  About Shammi 

Shammi shared his dream "It was a moving moment for me to see that child wanting trust and mother wanting to be seen for his love and care for him...i wish for a world where this beauty that we feel about each other is always visible with naked eyes....i think one day we will just speak this language like hindi or english…"

Let me know your need, you are wanting to say this, you are disappointed....this has become a common language at campus. Kids are genuinely trying to bring peace within them and others. 

They are in complete gratitude to Shammi.