New in New Year - 2018

This began with a question what is “NEW”? Everone around was wishing “happy NEW year”. Well, the question was what is new?
A look into dictionary gave us a new perspective on NEW- different, fresh, discovery, invention, regenerate, unfamiliar, first, fresh….this made a lot of sense to look into the new year!
The year began with questioning. We talk about “working on our interest” - but What is that? Why do we want to work on our interests? How else? Where? With whom? How? Where? The term planning began with questions on "My interest, my blocks and my action points" - Step ONE was to sketch our interest or talents we want to work this term. Step TWO - Discuss with one or few people and let the people ask me questions to add value to my work. Questions starting with "what, why, where, when, how, what else, which, whom, which etc". The answers were not required. Step THREE- Share with few other people my roadblocks. Step FOUR - Make three specific action points to work on my interest based on above interactions.
A group discussion on questioning further raised many questions on questioning - what is a question, why one as a question? Do all questions have answers? Do questions helps? How will be the world without a question? Questions bring learning. Questions are a ladder to grow. Questions bring clarity. Questions also bring frustration! It began with a question on questioning “what do kids thinks about questioning?” A group discussion on “questioning” gave us insight into kids know all about the questioning! The format of group discussion was introduced, no conductor, no teacher. We all began with asking questions on the end, I came out of the session with an insight “they know all about questioning!”
A reflection on our interest was filled with questions - why I wanted to do this? How else I work? What else? There were no answers - no one asked for any answers, all we did was asked questions!
Exploring open ended and close ended questions in sports further opened up the world of the questions. The ability to ask questions. Questions can be about anything – experience, learning, self, and others and so on. Questioning is not necessary to get an answer. We often ask questions to others as well as a lot of questions to ourselves.
The year began on a NEW journey! - the newness of doing, making, creating, inventing, regenerating, discovering, and exploring.