New Month, New things

Computers is a subject of fascination and desire to learn for all rural children. From the beginning of Karral at Aarohi children are asking to bring computers in the session. However we took around 2 months to settle down the program before we introduced computers. We also wanted to create a sense of responsibility towards myself, my learning, the space and the resources before we brought computers. 

On the first day of September we introduce Spreadsheet in laptop as a tool for taking attendance. Today many government schools had exams or special classes, resulting in few kids coming for the Saturday session. Few children helped us to introduce the tool of laptop. We only create a simple matrix in the spreadsheet, they were left alone to explore typing and navigating themselves in the spreadsheet. They entered their personal details like village for our record, did attendance and also set an intention for the session - what would I like to learn/do today? Children were completely engrossed in this and happily took up the challenge in front of them.

Today was a session of interesting things, we has a mixture of rural children and Aarohi children. An interesting exposure for both the parties. Everyone was constrained to speak in English and a game of chess took interesting turns, arguing in English over which move is right or wrong. 

We also introduced mechanix set - a make and break game. Children were enjoying making toy aeroplanes and other things and they did not want to stop the session.

We did reflection through Strengths. Strengths was a new concept, we reflected upon what strengths did I use while doing different tasks in the session.

Today we introduced lots of small things - computers, mix of children, mechanix set and strenghts and we will continue to bring these things to enrich the journey.