Neighbourhood Walk

Neighborhood walk began with a small wish to know neighbours around campus! Some kids joined in the journey. We go out for an hour almost every day. No agenda, no routes ... we just walk in any field, follow any shepherd, talk to anyone ... go around the country side.

 After rains road was damaged, we repaired it with some more neighbours joining us.

While Ratnamma and Ramchandran were working in tomato field, we just joined them.

We just chatted with Sinarasspa while he was with his sheeps and goats, He shared that he has 30 sheeps and also his son worked at campus during construction.

Hanumanthappa talked about Ragi crop and its economics

Jayaamma talked about her cows while Venkatesh was very clear that his photograph should be nice.

During one of the walks, while we were enjoying bun burger made up of bun and nipputtu, our dog Pepper, scratched an old lady. Kids took her to nearby primary health center, got her injections done and led the whole medical care.


Bonus learning of neighbourhood walk is that Kids find it very comfortable to talk to farmers around, knowing what they grow, how they grow...some kids watch birds while some collect the information and some just walk along with us.