Neighbourhood Relationship

Few kids went to find the option of doing things together with government school, opposite Aarohi Campus. The principle of our opposite school expressed “you are close to us, but we thought you are closed for us”.  
When we announced ‘40kids from Model school coming to Aarohi to experience’, we did not expect that even our kids have the dream of becoming one with our neighborhood. The first question was “why do we want them to come to Aarohi?” and unanimously we had the response “to make a relationship with our neighbors”.

This was good enough reason to spend a day with kids from model school and begin a new journey at Aarohi. Various teams were made to organize the event. Some took part in organizing games, some were part of the welcome team and some planned snacks. It was a day spent together to start fulfilling one of the dreams to make and become one with the neighborhood.