Natural Soap

There are many different ways of looking at anything, including our soap:)

Yes, few years back, we never questioned “are there other ways that I clean my body? or why do I need soap? what goes in soap? what else?

Well, presence of people from different walks of life allows us to re-think. Ramji shared about ‘natural soap’. We began with collecting material….it included ‘multani mitti’. Well, we were more curious how mulatni mitti can be used as soap….we added many other ingredients. Discovered different chemical reactions. Opened up Aloevera and discovered the hidden joy inside those leaves. We mixed and made dough and more we rubbed, more shiny it became and we marveled the magic of this materiel.

We shaped our soap in many different forms, enjoyed the fragrance of camphor and made our first natural soap. Eureka! we discovered yet another way of looking at things.

Thank you Ramji.