Empowerment means “I am able”. We believe we all require self-reflection to truly understand our potential. Introduced S.P.A.C.E. framework as a way to explore self. We did this with small activities for each element of SPACE. Realise that “I am the only one who will stay with myself the whole life”, realise how important it is to know what kind of SPACE I am creating for myself inside me.


S for Self - What do believe about SELF? I can or can't? IN every endeavor let me observe my thoughts about myself and my capabilities.

P for Praise - I don't need praise of others. Self-praises more important. Specific praise helps me to understand what worked, what was enjoyable and what needs more effort.

A for Acceptance - of how I look, how I think or I do - etc. When I have accepted myself, then others do not color my sight and I can look into myself and the world more clearly.

C for the challenges and constraints I put on myself - for against the wind is how the kite soars, and so do I grow.

E for Empathy I give to myself. Since all my feelings are OKAY, I  become aware of them, acknowledge and understand them, and hug myself with kindness.