My Interest - Term Planning

How do you discover yourself - its simple ‘bit by bit’! Each term we connect with our dreams, we make plans of what all we want to do, we connect with self ‘what desires we have’. While making term planning we often do not think or rather stop at ‘will I be able to do?’. Often it is ‘what all I feel like doing’.

As we start working during the term, we do miss our marks, we do change our planning, we do add more to our planning and we do leave things. But we still dream!


Each time we dream of what we want to do, Each time we reflect upon why we could not do or do, we grow a bit. We connect with strengths a bit. We understand our struggles. And we discover self a bit. And again we plan in next term and again we grow a bit. Like a tree, we grow each day, with each dream, each planning, and each reflection.