Music with Satendra

We do music to add value to our lives as well other's life.
Write something of your own and sing in your own voice. Lyrics give you something to connect.

Why do you like music? Happy, peaceful, soothing, expression, changes mood, transformation, help to make more connections in brain, meditative, nostalgic, connection, synergy and just simple joy. Every genre of music has its own characteristics and its own soul,  so listen to every kind of music. Any new music may sound alien but you end up liking something from that music.

There is a lot happening in the music just beyond music! If you were to choose music as your career, what all would you like to do? Join a rock band, music director, sequencer, arranger, composer, mixing engineer, audio engineer, teacher, DJ, MJ, play music instruments, and...some of the unconventional avenues are music therapy, clinical music therapy, neurological musical therapy, cathartic musical therapy, music software and so on...

We created music by writing our own songs. One didn't have to be a singer/ musician. No musical / poetic pre-requisites and no theory. We explored music and songwriting by actually writing and singing our own songs. 

Thank you Satendra for adding melody to our lives.

Satendra is a software programmer but have been exploring music-making, story writing and film-making for the last 21 years. He started with the guitar when he was 16 yrs old and since then he has been making music and writing songs on his own.

He dabbled a bit with multi-track music production (recording, mixing etc) but quickly dropped it in favour of real-time music performances rather than the edited / recorded versions. He listens to / plays all kinds of music (Indian classical, western classical, experimental, microtonal, world-music etc). He believes art should be accessible to everybody (and not just the "talented" artists) and that everyone can and should sing, make music, write poetry and tell stories. All art is self-expression and very personal - everybody has the right to make their own art, and no one else has the right to judge them for what they create.

He says "If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance".