Multiple Intelligence session on 07/08/2015 @ PUP Telugu school

This session was to explore the different Multiple Intelligences using bottle caps….The session started with greeting the person to the right and the left using the thumb.  Kids did it with smiling faces… Then We played ‘Do what I say and not what I do’ game.  kids participated well….

When asked, what is Intelligence? Some said brain, some said knowledge, some said studying well…..Then a chart with different people was shared (A.R.Rahman, Einstein, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Irwin, Rowling, Hussain, Sania) and asked who is more intelligent? Some said Einstein, some said Vivekananda , some said Sania, Some said Mother Teresa….

In circles we did hands up/down/front/back/on head/on face… and then groups were created…Then the bottle caps were distributed by a volunteer in each group… Some said they got less, some said they got more and then they balanced…..

Then each one was asked to explore the caps in different ways. They made different arrangements… Few said they made a diamond, some flower, some made some pattern…. Then we sang a song together making rhythm with the caps…. Kids were excited and involved in singing…. Then they walked in a line with the bottle caps placed on their head, shoulder, hand saying chikku bukku chikku bukku railu…. Few Kids walked very attentively, few were stiff, few were cool….but the caps fell as and when they wish…

Then the chart with pictures of different  MI’s was passed and each were asked to identify what all they used today and what all they could do….Then we had an emotional Go round…. With each sharing their feeling through the session…. many said they are happy, some gave facial expressions, few did actions using hands also…..