Mesmerizing Mahabalipuram

Another aspect of outstation trip is learning about the place,  by experiencing, by being there.

For any place we did not take guide, as kids expressed that they want to explore by themselves.

Sea Shore Temple - We saw Sea shore temple early in the morning and it was wow! We were mesmerized by its location and designs - we got submerged into sketching each part of the temple. We were wondering why the temple at the shore? How the sculptures had basic form, but not detailed carving as other temples we have visited earlier. We tried tracing history back to 1st and 7th century.

Some of the kids who asked in the beginning of the trip “what is humidity?”Experienced humidity/precipitation in Mahabalipuram - we all were sweaty and dripping with sweat. We could feel the difference as we came nearer to Kelmangalam (near our campus)

  • Kelmanaglam - Humidity 69%, Precipitation 0%, Temperature - 28 centigrade, Wind Speed - 13km/h
  • Vellore Humidity 64%, Precipitation 60% Temperature - 28 centigrade, Wind Speed - 8km/h
  • Mahabalipuram  - Humidity 82%, Precipitation 41%, Temperature - 27 centigrade, Wind Speed - 6km/h

After coming back from the trip, some of us also read about precipitation, humidity and their effects. Now that we had experienced, it became easy to relate.

Five Rathas  - We appreciated the work of sculpturing wonders the purpose of the the structure, each one is different in shape. Here the roofs had different designs and motifs, we were wondering why one made such structures?

Vellore Fort - We did not find a fort but saw a magnificent temple and instantly fell in love with the craftsmanship, We spent time in identifying story carved in each pillar. We were wondering how is this different than shore temple and what century it would be? We were transferred to 16th century from 7th century. We could see enormous difference in craftsmanship in temple.

Looking at bronze statue in the museum gave us glimpses of craftsmanship in various centuries  - earlier figures were simple and the carving increased with the time - is it that the tools evolved or the mankind or both?

Visit to museums within the fort premise gave us view of aerial view of fort and some connection with Tipu and wondered how the family lived here in captivation. Some of the preserved animal's body was treat for some kids, they instantly fell in love with the museum.

So it was not only history but many other aspect of learning which we experienced in ny outstation trip and this trip was no different.