Meeting Malaysia

This began with a request from a group of parents and teachers from Malasia to visit Aarohi and experience learning at Aarohi. Our initial response was 'are we equipped?” The second thought was “let us ask all in the community”. A notice saying 'your opinion', generated few responses 'YES!, another learning opportunity, YES! Let us do this”.

The planning began just one week in advance along with our other regular works. All boarding lodging, food, and resource responsibilities were taken up by different teams. The group had kids of one year to 10 yrs old. In between we also had some kids and adults falling sick. But we life moved on with various learning sessions and opportunities around us.

The parents were very supportive and eager to learn, in a day they understood the working of Aarohi and were part of community. We all learned from each other and lived together. We bonded and understood each other.

Thank you, parents, teachers, and all kids, we lived a wonderful week with you all.

Pictures tell you the story.