Me - We Documentation

This week it was about exploring creativity through - Visualization, Collection, and Constraints. Many of us are very much familiar with ‘constarinst’ (we experience many at the campus). But it was difficult to find the difference between thinking and visualization. And also to collect out of the box (as one of the children expressed). 
We decided to explore it together - often we document our weekly journey individually - this brought an opportunity to do it together and we named it “WE” documentation. Half of the page we documented what the group did and half of the sheet was decided to self (me) documentation. “WE” documentation helped in knowing how many ways we all have used visualization or collection or used constraints for our tasks. Doing together was one of the ways to collect!
Constraints - Resources, Time, Material, Techniques
Collection - Books, people, Internet, Observation, Different people, Reading, visits, talk, 
Imagination - Outcome, Usage, Details, 
Jatre on creativity brought some thinking “What's creativity? Am I creative?  Do everyone have creativity? How much percentage do we have creativity? Do we use 100% creativity? Do we use creativity for every task?  Either in brushing, face wash,  eating,, talking, telling lies, excuses and in everything can you use creativity? Is Charlie Chaplin known for creative funny actions? We have creative dancers, artist, fashion, writers,  and in every field. ARE We Living Creatively? What makes us to live creatively? How does creativity help us? 
It's a habit if mind, once you start thinking or doing your day to day tasks creatively, you get habituated with creativity.
What is CREATIVITY as habitof mind?
Create or invent something; bring together more than one idea.  It is about combining different things to create new  - they can be related, unrelated things to combine. Create by collecting data and combining the data to create something new. Or Imagine many scenarios and create something by combining ideas from that imagination, or create by putting constraints.
Ingredients of CREATIVITY to make it habit of mind
Collect - Collect loads of data, samples, instances, examples, information etc on anything - to get loads of raw material.
Imagine - Play around, think crazy, let mind visualize and imagine it in many different ways - no boundaries limited only by fantasy.
Constraint - Constraint by its own nature forces one to look at the same thing in a different way and hence you need to bring in something new to create new.
What it implies? 
Come up with new solutions/ideas, new ways of doing, looking at new perspectives. We need to look at it 
Some misconceptions
Constraints curbs creativity
Constraints are difficult
Constraints are unnecessary and create trouble in life or delays or interfere with the learning and time-consuming.
It's bad to look into other's work, create original creation only.
Left with a thought - “you decide how much you want to use creativity in your life and you are responsible to make it your habit of mind”.