Maths Circle

Jatre at Aarohi means “Celebration of learning”. Each day we celebrate by bringing a new learning exposure. It ranges from knowing about deep sea diving to mathematical calculations. And any age can bring this Jatre.

This week we explored mathematical conceptual understanding by playing around with the concept and creating our own concepts! We played with numbers to make our own number concepts, we played with rope to explore what is circle and created the definition of circle by experiencing it. We also defined circle as, shape that has more points and no sides, infinite sides, infinite points! We explored syllogism by playing around with a game  of statements and conclusions. We debated, convinced on which part of conclusion is true according to me and others. It created lots of confusion and reasoning and everyone had their own reason to prove if the statements  made sense or not. We didn’t reach any conclusion but we exercise our mind muscles!

The next day we explored language in many ways - one child brought 10 minutes session on Japanese language, he learnt by watching anime, one shared Kannada language, one volunteer shared his perspective on what is a word.

The celebration brings an opportunity to get introduced to various other learning ideas, sometimes otherwise I may missed out and not reach out to learn or know about them. But when those topics are introduced to the community they also become part of our exploration - further taking them forward depend on the individual's interests.

Many times asked “so self directed learning or open learning means do nothing”. Well, it requires a lot more doing with lot more different perspectives.