Manthan - Skills and Wishes

Manthan this year with parents began with connecting with our wishes. When the whole world is the curriculum everything which one likes becomes important. So there was no limitation to the wish one had. The community relished the wish of craft as much as poetry or science. It's not that we respect all the wishes by force, but we feel that anything g which makes you connected with yourself is worth learning and living. 

The year began with all of us connecting with our wishes that become our curriculum. Each time there is a change in wish, our curriculum changes and that makes it universal.
Next logical question comes is who will teach? One child wants to learn how fishing while another wants to explore poetry. Well, the community comes together and we find that within ourselves we have rich resources and plenty of skills. Skill mapping of each one in the community helps in self-directed learning in and everyone in this world is our teacher. There is no dearth.

The roles of various people were next questions to ponder

  • Role of Parents - Understand child, understand process at Aarohi, communicate, participate, shared responsibility
  • Role of Facilitators - Available as and when required (as much as a parent will be available), 
  • Role of children - Understand self, Involvement

Imagine A learning community which is not a school, parents do not send their kids to Aarohi and expect results, rather they are equal partners in the growth of the child in a community. The learning community of Aarohi is growing each year with parents and their understanding.