Making Teepee shower

It began with a need to have another bathing space. It continued with the dream of exploring the different material and different method to create. One of the visiting guests had introduced to us the concept of TeePee shower. One of the children liked the idea and all other things fell in place.

It was fanciful to think and dream of making that exciting structure. Making of it was experiencing realities. Well, it began with hunting for a place, cleaning it and measuring it. The shape of circle brought need of understanding circle and its mathematics - area, perimeter etc. Making of it demanded understanding Bamboo and Cement.

Once the circle was in place, we began with understanding plumbing and planning for reusing water (all water goes to Papaya Circle). Flooring brought an understanding of the making of the floor with cement. Making of walls brought experience with Bamboo - Treating them, cutting them to size and bending them around the circle.

Once it was made, it looks ‘just one of the structure’. But the making of it has many stories behind it. Excitement, frustration, giving up, feeling hopeful, churning, learning, helping, supporting, achieving and completing were some of the words associated with the journey of making of TeePee shower.