Making a Kitchen Waste BioGas plant

We started with a desire and a need. We budgeted 2 days.

The slide show above tells the whole story. If you want to see more photographs - see the video below 

I am personally excited that I would get slurry as an output every day - which would be a rich compost for our plants.

The Kitchen should benefit from the bio-gas.

Will update once the production of gas starts.

  • Huge thanks to all the sponsors - generous souls who financially supported this project - Hemamalini & Bharadwaj, Rema, Ravi, Sonal, Anurag, Mrinalini, Radhai, Dr Varsha, Mallika & Kannan
  • Big thanks to Rajesh Uncle for all the mentoring, and working with us tirelessly.
  • Thanks to ARTI design videos which is what we followed to make the plant - see the videos here


If you want to see more photographs of our project - see the video below