Making of Acropolis Hut

Can a campus Teach? Yes, We believe a campus can be the very lap of learning 

if it is conceived and developed just as mother nature;
if it offers constraints to children which make them think, do, learn, and live differently 

The Architectural Design of the campus is based on these three guiding principles:

  • Design to build less
  • Design to install and use less resources (like electricity, water, fixtures, furniture, etc)
  • Design to cost less (to us and to environment) - so use cost effective, sustainable, environment friendly, local materials, which lead to less maintenance

The making of Acropolis Hut is part of this idea - A team of skilled builders from TamilNadu joined us to build a hut to accommodate our Table Tennis table and a make a space for music ad other activities.

They came

They started

They worked

And they inspired many of us with their skills


The base structure became play ground for many

As the spaces came up, the ideas got built

Many played impromptu games in the mud

It was fun to climb, run and explore the structure


We climbed

We jumped

We admired the beauty of its flexibility

We continue to have ideas of what all we can do in Acropolis.