Science is MAGICAL and it's all around us and all we need to do is take out tags like physics, chemistry and biology.

We began with science in Kitchen - What we use in our daily life we take it for granted and just use them. This week in thought club we pondered about things around us which we are familiar and we  use them just like that. Each one of us took any one item from kitchen -  spoon, plate, lemon squeezer, chopsticks, tong, churner, egg beater….with silence  stayed with the object for few minutes and asking different questions to ourselves, observing, wondering, wandering  and just being with the material. Later we went around and looked for similar things. We shared our thoughts -We pondered about grip, shape, material, holes, surface, strength,  usages, designs, usability, similar use and so on. I find kitchen a brilliant place to explore science.

We brought science in show and tell  - many of us brought science MAGIC - it was just simple magic. We did not find out why it happens, no explanation...just simple joy of MAGIC.

Next day we asked questions to others (answer we know). And others had to answers by asking questions (this was tricky). I asked the questions “where does the sun rise?” They had to not answer ‘east’ ask me a questions which will have answer (for example what is opposite direction of West) - this brought a twist in our science knowledge.

Visit to science museums added a huge difference in the way we look at science. The museum has different sections like ‘machines’. We all were mesmerized with the beauty of machines - we just played and played with science around us.  We had many things to play from body parts puzzle to testing wall strength. We could relate  to many things in the museums like wind energy, solar energy (we experience the same in campus). Gears fascinated us and we could explore working of car using gears with the working model. The exploration and experience at the science museum gave us huge experience of our day to day life - back at campus we were exploring gears in our tools. We made unlimited theories how the water whirl was forming or how does the weather broadcast works. We have been to museum  few times and each time we spend hours there. The place is ocean of exploration of day to day life.

We continue with our journey to dig deep into science and its magic!