Magic of Gratitude

A day workshop to experience the magic of Gratitude with the team from SSY / RSVK pune

“I am sorry, Thank you” have becomes some etiquettes for some of us. But, it's not only about saying “sorry” or “thank you” but understanding what and why we hold forgiveness, what is gratitude or rather understanding what makes one grateful. The workshop began with questioning, What is happiness? What makes one happy? What is the role relationship in one's life?

The second stage was to understand “Forgiveness”? Most religion talks about "forgiveness", but still it's not easy to forgive? Why? Forgiveness is not about making friends with others nor it's not about forgetting the event but it's about just forgiving and letting go. “Forgiveness is courageous”, some of us experienced when some of us were not able to forgive others as part of an exercise during the workshop. Some of us who could forgive, were relieved and realized that they were choosing to carry that burden.

To be grateful, we needed to understand inner journey. We needed to understand that, gratitude is not just few words but its a habit of mind.

Deep gratitude for the entire team to travel to Aarohi and sharing your joy with us. We all in the community lived a day full of gratitude “thank you, forgive me” are some of the common phrases one can hear around in the community now these days. We truly appreciate the efforts to create awareness about various aspects of forgiveness, relationship, vibrations, law of attraction and gratitude. Truly appreciate the humbleness of the entire team to share and creating this experience for us.

A day full of gratitude, to understand gratitude. We all had different intake from the workshop - some were deeply in gratitude, while realised that it's not easy to forgive. Even though some could forgive, while some were still holding, realization itself was reliving. “I am sorry and thank you” are just not few words, if used within inner self, they can create the magic the way we live our lives!



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