Magic with Anias

Some kids were planning dance session with Anias...we threw the challenge of preparing and practicing dance for the show (final product). 

Initial reaction was 'how can we do that?' Finally, they took up the challenge. First day went into debating, arguing and idea exchanging. Soon they realized that they need to listen to each other If they need to perform on Friday. Soon practice started, they still gave lots of ideas to each other on various steps, but they moved ahead. All of them learnt cart wheel and surprised self by doing it :). At the end they invited all of us on stage and we enjoyed dancing too. 

And finally they did it!!! Watch this video of their few  hours magic


Anias Self Session: She shared about her Family, Place, Food and French  revolution. She studied in Lyon  and completed her Civil Engineering.  She shared about her love and interest in exploring Urban planning. She loved  Urban planning and shared it connects to the needs of people, closer for people to work ,safety, children needs and many other aspects. She explored at campus and touched most of the walls for her study using measuring tape.

‌She loves dance,baking.sports, She shared her journey of Dance and different Sports