Living with a Teacher

Who are our teachers?

The world is our teacher - anyone who is passionate about any kind of learning becomes our teacher. Living together with them not only bring exposure to learning but also bring an opportunity to explore various facet of the life.

Iban from Spain, who works in a train fabrication factory came for a week to volunteer at Aarohi and to explore the culture of India.

He shared his skills of football - got involved in playing/ coaching football with the children.

He also cooked with us, played with us, made music with us, shared his stories, listed to our stories, and just lived with us, one among us, part of the community.

On top of that in this short span of time he did a carpentry project (his first in life) and made a Loft in our Acropolis hut (see pics above).

Thank you Iban for bringing the world closer to us by being with us.