Litres and Mililiters

We continue to explore measurements and realized so much we can explore in cms and mm, feet and inches or gms and litres.

One child who wanted to measure circle, was given circles to play. After two session he came up with his own way to measure the circle with a thread “wrap it around, cut it, make it straight and measure it”.

  • One is struggling with litres and kg  -  Why certain things are measured in kg and why some are measured in litres.
  • One is understanding to convert Feet in inches.
  • Another one is wanting to see how to use measurement in real life
  • One is trying to understand different shapes by just measuring them.

And so on...

  • Each child is different, hence different facilitation
  • For some we are in no hurry to tell him this is right or wrong, we are fine with them staying with their own findings
  • For some we gave books to explore more
  • For some we gave tools like tapes and weights to understand and explore.
  • Some times we used self test
  • We used online resources
  • We used books
  • We used worksheets


We continue to explore...