Life in a week

One week is just one week….but many things happens in one week. The week begins with reviewing different teams which runs campus - what to cook in kitchen to how to wash toilets - all teams review their working, suggest changes and make plan for the week. Campus training every week is essential part of our living at campus - from forest fire to bee stings, all kinds of topics which are selected by kids - essential for our living at campus - are explored. Each presentation is intense and feedback of peers is important to know what one will do next week.

Planning each day allows us to know our needs and connect with all others and know what all is happening at campus. And then we all move to our own working. Typically our days/ week has

Basic skills  - essential skills to live our life. May be it is basic computation to add, subtract, multiply and divide into day to day applications, or to know skills essential to live like Budgeting, Banking, Money management or to be aware, Understand and connect with self and others emotions, able to take responsibility of one's happiness or Use technology to make my day to life productive

Hands work to experience doing, making, failing, achieving, implementing … we typically take up different live projects and work on them. It can be something happening at campus like making of dry toilet or something coming out of individual needs like making house for cats or make  tent using Bamboos.

Talent & Interest - is what either in us or what they call GANAS in Spanish - kind of passion, desire or whatever direction my compass points to. Talents is what ticks inside us and Interests are what outside gives us kicks - it can be any thing from photography to collecting stones.

Fourth is community time, we spend time together to enjoy music, plan our day, solve our problems, reflect on our day or just to ponder over happenings in our life or around us.

Children moves on at campus with LIFE happening all around us.