Life Training

Every Monday campus training allows looking life in different ways. Kids work on various topics from first aid, animal safety, fire safety, self defense, safety at campus, safety and strangers…..

One child expressed “I want to change my goal of first aid”. He expressed his discomfort for blood and dressing, Encouraged him to do mock dressing. Gave him demo of dressing and he made step by step poster of the same. He also practiced the same on few other children under adults supervisions, He  finally gave demo to the group and expressed that he was nervous while demonstrating. Group gave him feedback and asked few questions. Now he does dressing of anyone who gets hurt at campus.

Another one wanted to explore fire blanket, we started with burning different clothes to understand what makes fire blanket different and also knowing which clothes burn faster and which one are safer in fire.

Snakes and Insects continues to be our favourite safety topics and making us more and more comfortable with them :)

The latest is to know Elephants, the journey began  with  ‘what makes them agitated and kill people’.

We continue to understand our fear for strangers by talking about different scenarios

While working about sexual safety and exploring more about genders we were confused with ‘are transgender and eunuch are same? Which body parts makes them different from us (male and female)?

At the end of each safety session - presentations by various groups remain one of the sought after times - each ready with loads of questions and exploring learnings.