Learning Zones

If I do what I already know I stay in my comfort zone. If I do something more, or new, I step into challenge zone - then I learn, I grow. This week explored various zones and how to use them for our growth.


First it was about  understanding about zones - some said comfort zone is “easy-peezy” zone, challenging zone was “exciting” zone and frustration zone was giving up zone.

We all live in comfort zone, we challenge self and face frustration - awareness and understanding of these three zones can help in making our own decisions. This understanding makes a lot of difference in open learning where “I decide, I do and I assess”.

Awareness that the path from comfort to challenge can be traveled bit by bit and one doesn't need to take huge steps was liberating.


While we travelled our journey of exploring various zones we operate from, we experienced through various task from our lives -  Mud work, Paint, different families of plants, tooth powder, Jewellery, Sketching, Painting, Gaming, Sketching, Website designing Football practice, fractions, Dream catcher, Carpentry, Crafting, Accounts, Spanish, Exercise, Cooking, Drumming, Stitching, Writing, Aviation, Keyboard, Fitness, Yoga, Get to know others, Playing music, Solar Building, Dream catcher, Bird bath, keyboard, Dream catcher, Making tea, Sketching, Handmade posters, Digital posters, Theatre, Literature club, respiring bulb, Grow Bombay Basley, Maths club, Cooking, Candle making, Guitar, Maths and physics teaching,  Music producing.