Learning - a way of life

This week we experienced math in living, while we also continued with maths club - Four meals a day, On average 25 people at campus. 60% reaching late for the meals or finishing late. That makes it 15 each meal, 60 each day, 300 each week (5 days a week) - hmmm the number looks BIG! On average 5 people in clean up, 3 out of 5 comes late, that makes it 12 people in a day not showing up in time for meals clean up, in week this number is 60 (12 x 5).  If you look at yourself its only one (only one time, one meal, one person), but when you look at the cumulative numbers in the community it increases exponentially ! This is the maths we did in our planning session today!

Biology was introduced to bring harmony in the system - The community is like a “system”. If stomach does not work, it affects the whole system (constipation, diarrhoea etc). If any part of the system malfunction, the system collapses - when people doesn't shows in time, don't do their own bits, it affects the whole system (kitchen management). This the biology we explored in our planning today.

Social this week - Friends who poke, pull, push, provoke are “P riends” at Aarohi. Each one has 2-3 priends, who questions, listens, suggest and guide. There are no teacher who judge the progress, rather there are peers who help/question/poke/push to travel the journey.

World this week - Competition was the theme of the week, we played competitive games (blowing ball, peeling the beans, tongue twister and so). Typically in alternate circle, competition is the word which one will run away, but for many of our kids that running away is very superficial. They like competition (intuitively or intrinsically) - so it's better to “experience” and understand it. Thought club to find “competition in parenting, advertisements, schools, books, movies, brought live stories and various thoughts on competition. The idea was to explore beyond just what one has current experience or opinion.

Teachers this week - And to add cherry to the cake, a session with Shoaib and Fatima who runs e-commerce business gave us a pretty clear picture about the “market” and so called reality or real world.

Music this week - A session with Roopak, was enough to kindle musical chords of some of us. We learnt, we understood, we practiced and we enjoyed music.

Entertainment - Just an announcement "early morning games" was enough to bring more action at the campus. Some planned to get up at 2am, watch meteor shower and then get into gaming while some decided to get good sleep irrespective of what one is offered, some got up at five am and played, while some decided to catch up with some sleep.

Contribution - "Wash a blanket for others, make ferrocrete su-su park , make path way to the toilet" was the friday special.  Each one of us signed up for atleast one project and worked in groups.

When one does not define the learning by curriculum and grades, then LIFE becomes important and life leads the learning.