Learning Utsav - Celebrating Learning

A day at Aarohi to celebrate diversity in learning!

The beauty of the event is the openness of the format, it allows one to participate in sessions of ones interest. It allows all ages to be equal, because everyone can teach and everyone can learn. It gives space for everyone from all ages, gender or background. 

Another wonderful thing about the Learning Utsav at Aarohi was that is was largely organised by the children of Aarohi with support of facilitators. The children worked really hard to set up the campus for the event - cleaning and organisation. They were welcoming the guests, doing the registrations, they facilitated the opening and closing gathering and were all ever ready to help out to anyone. 

The morning began with the news that the local train from Bangalore to Kelamangalam was cancelled! Would people come? How would they come was the question. Everyone was all prepared for the event at 10am but no one came yet! When are people coming was the thought. Slowly people trickled in with more than 100 people and soon the event began.

Mistakes, last minute changes, confusion, making friends, nervousness, meeting old friend, learning new things were all part of the event.

We had a wide range of sessions throughout the day by various ages/gender - storytelling, coordination games, wall climbing, football match, dream catcher making, understanding airports, melt and pour soap making, natural DIY products, Music band, Origami, wire puzzles, simple math made fun, understanding Kashmir,  Meditation, discussion on mythology, open learning, why we blame others and of course lots of talking, laughing and fun.

During the lunch break we enjoyed food made by neighborhood friends and juice and bhel puri sold by Aarohi kids. There was also a Aarohi shopping center where paintings, horse gram, earrings, tooth-powder, bath-powder and hand-wash powder. It was an wonderful experience to understand what is cost price, revenue and profit, taking loan and repaying it, marketing the products to people, keeping track of sales, understanding profit and loss and the simple joy of selling. For few in the desire to earn money the business ethics got lost in the way like quality of the bhel puri, integrity in the pricing and ingredients used were bitter in the juice or too much sugar used in the cake. This shopping center gave children an opportunity to prototype their products, selling gave them learning and confidence and through this a business of natural products got launched.


Closing circle was a peaceful ending of the Utsav with circular dance, reflection, feedback and connections with people. The event further ended with a energetic and rocking music jamming. Tired bodies but energetic souls.