Learn by doing : Setting up a library in classroom.

Reading Library Rules


A group of Children volunteered to setup a library in a class.

This decision left them with pondering  questions - about location for library? where do we  get books for library?  what kind of books? Can we get books from library ? what if library  does not have books ? can we get our old story books from home ?  can we ask from our teachers and collect books ?  How do we maintain books ? how to share responsibility ? what if children took books home / tear the books / loose the books ?   Whom to ask permission ? will the teacher permit ?


Finally they worked together in finding solutions, convinced teacher for setting up  a library , made rules ,  named the location, talked to friends about the maintaining books, concern for keeping books open.

Working of Library: Few children used books from library in their lunch time, few could not find time as there were exams ,  few  wanted to read ? few wanted more varieties of books? Few did not want to read ? few wanted to use books to read with all.

I was amazed to explore the journey of children where they thought of making a library room at  the center of school , with bricks and build by themselves ,  looking for cost and materials ,  sanction of funds and then finally satisfied to set up in their own class and took forward the decision to class teacher , asked permission , got books from library committing to return back every week.  The whole process of churning in the child’s mind is a loving journey to experience when i saw a smile of achievement when they announced the opening of library.


The whole process of setting up library gave this group of children a lovely opportunity to work with ownership, commitment,team work, leading the group and responsibility.