Know people around us!

Each year we visit Police station, just like that. Each year we come a bit closer to our own images of some people (profession). At the police station they shared how they work 24 hrs, what is juvenile and how their are different kids of sessions courts. Some were hesitant to shake hands, for some it was normal, some were in awe “I shook hands with police”.

Each year we also visit our local station and meet station master. Each year it adds to our understanding about things we use like trains. He shared hos his job needs attention and how station master is responsible for safety. We were pondering If he has to be on job very attentive when does he eats food? And what happens when they go to toilet? How do they decide which platform the train will come (we have only two platforms at Kelmangalam station), what is the speed when train crosses and when it stops?....the take away was ‘hard work’.