Know Material

Often when kids work with different paints they are depending on us to know which paint to use for which purpose. We realized that they have not spent time with different paints at leisure, rather used them often in hurry (I want to use now).

This week we began the week with ‘spending time with paints’. We took all kind of paints out from our resource room - read labels, wondered what and where all can we use them. What are water based paints, what are oil based paints and so on. We sorted all spoiled brushes and pondered what lead to spoiling - what we can do while we are using. We sorted spoons to take paints, bowls to collect them, kept aside rags to use while using paints….we are coming close to the material we would like to use for our learning.

Recommend parents to visit hardware shops and explore the wonderland within that one shop. I am often lost in my own thought when I visit any hardware shop, I make visual maps of the material I can use, I inquire about the cost, I also shop just like that to explore.

Often museums are the only source of learning I see museum in each tool shop I visit. I can spend hours in city market looking at the material/ tools available and wondering HOW to use and WHERE to use. Discover museums in each shop you visit and see the wonders of learning.