Joy of learning

Kids were involved in various projects at campus - we announced DEADLINES to finish. This created another opportunity to understand self - how do we respond in various situations. 

Some found it difficult, some took it as challenge, some were focused and determined, some gave up, some continued the way they have been working, some just wanted to finish irrespective of quality or any learning, some wanted to understand and work, some were frustrated with feedback….we saw various responses in just two weeks of deadlines. 

At the end we had thought club on “joy of doing, joy of finish, joy of feedback, joy of failing and joy of reflecting”. We drew our responses and then had debate on “with or without joy”. Some spoke in favor of joy and others spoke against it!

One of the arguments ‘why it needs to be joyful all the time, whats the harm in feeling frustrated even that is natural”. Some expressed that joy brings easiness, while absence of joy sometimes brings focus. The difference of joy and fun was discussed.

When we make learning fun and interesting for the learner, it remains our responsibility

When a learner makes it interesting for self, it becomes passion.