Jatre - Toilet

Bad news - Stinking toilets due to lack of flushing water.

Good news - We got the opportunity to explore toilet plumbing and understand consequences of our actions!  

We surveyed toilet plumbing and re-discovered that when we do not flush, it affects the plants (urine goes directly to trees, so mixing water is important). To understand why do we need to dilute urine before it reaches trees, we needed to understand urine. To understand where is this water, urine, the potty is going, we needed to understand water filtration system at the campus.

We surveyed, we drew, we observed and we just talked about the disposal of urine and potty. We did not talk about the need of flushing, or duty to flush or value of flushing, as we thought that this was done enough number of time, it just needed to look at things from a different perspective and this it was about understanding consequences of our actions!